About Our Company

CEGA Construction Chemicals Ltd. founded in 2007 to provide cement additives and other chemicals for the construction industry in Turkey and the region. CEGA’s expertise covers the cement engineering but bases particularly in cement additives for enhanced grinding, increasing cement strength for all ages, special concrete admixtures (superplasticizers, accelerators, viscosity modifying admixture and other specialty admixtures) and chrome reducing chemicals for cement.

CEGA’s customer service and technical support is second to none. CEGA offers comprehensive consulting service for the cement manufacturing processes, cement additives and concrete production processes and offers technical assistance afterwards; guaranteeing success of the final cement to ensure cement and concrete producers meet their high-quality standards accordingly.

CEGA’s new plant in Düzce (between Istanbul-Ankara) is over 50.000 sq. feet, is equipped with latest technology manufacturing tools. Selecting from portfolio of CEGA products we deliver complete constructive solutions.