CEGA Cement Grinding Aids aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of grinding process. With the help of these grinding aids, compressive strength, and consistency of the final cement improve significantly.
Nowadays grinding aids count as auxiliary raw materials and their usage is essential for the cement plants all over the world. The benefits are the increase in the mill capacity and increase in the strength values of cement. CEGA grinding aids and performance enhancers can save up to 30% of grinding cost.

Benefits of Grinding Aids

  • Reduced agglomeration yields to decrease in surface area and increase in electricity consumption.
  • Improvements in mill output and higher savings of energy demand.
    Improved particle size distribution.
  • High surface energy causing “Pack set”.
  • Grinding aids neutralize the electrostatic charges and inhibits the pack set of cement.


Figure shows the typical comparison between grinding of cement clinker with and without a grinding aid in a laboratory mill. There is significant effect of using grinding aid in cement grinding. Grinding aids are active surface agents that counteract the agglomeration of very fıne particles on the grinding media, thus inhibiting the grinding effect and therefore reducing production rates. The use of grinding aids in both open and closed-circuit systems wil improve the control of the grinding process, increasing the Blaine number (finer product). These advantages often make the use grinding aids a significant factor in the modern cement production.

   Product Selection Guide                    
   Product Category CEM-X Series SE Series EPS Series VRM Series CEM -W Series CPQ Series RMI Series CMB Series CMV Series Air Entrainers
   Typical Dosage (g/t cement) 400-700 800-1200 250-500 400-700 500-1000 700-900 200-1000      
   Application All cements All Cements All Cements All Cements White Clinker All Cements Cement & Raw Mat. Coal Coal  
   Production      Increment +++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++  
   Save Power per unit +++ + ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ + +  
   Reduce Pack Set +++ + + + ++ +++        
   Increase Early Strentgh of Cement ++ +++ ++ ++ + ++        
   Increase Late Strength of Cement + + +++ ++ + ++        
   Reduce Water Demand + ++ +   + +        
   Delay Setting Time     +              
   Air Entrainment     +             +++
   Vertical Mill Application       +++   +     ++  
   +++Highly Recommended    ++Recommended    +Possible