CEGA HYPERFLUX Series (Hyper Plasticizers)

Hyperflux Series is specially designed for high standard and very high strength required concrete applications.

The benefits of this high-quality concrete admixture series are:

  • Significant reduction of cement consumption
  • Used for producing self-leveling high-quality concrete
  • Labor reduction due its self-leveling effect
  • Higher steel protection against corrosion due fewer air voids inside the concrete
  • Facilitates slump retention, if desired.
  • Lower pores in the concrete cause lower shrinkage of the concrete
  • Enhanced Durability of the concrete
  • Dosage 0,8%-1,4 % of Cement Mass
Product /DescriptionSeasonRecommended DosageDensity (g/cm³)
CEGA HYPERFLUX 300 Series Super-plasticier for low water/cement ratios with good maintenance of workabilityWinter0,8-1,4%1,09± 0,02
CEGA HYPERFLUX 400 Series Super-plasticising retardant for low water/cement ratios with excelent maintenance of workabilitySummer0,8-1,4%1,09± 0,02
CEGA HYPERFLUX 900 Series Super-plastisicer for low water/cement ratios with excelent maintenance of workabilityFor all seasons 0,8-1,4%1,10 ± 0,02